Thank you to the Tri-City Fire Department!
Every year we bring our race to the Globe fairgrounds.  This would not be possible without the support of the Tri-City Fire Department.  So the Rock Stars decided to thank them for all of their years of support with a BBQ and a plaque.  In return we ended up having a fun Rock Star party and got to learn quite a bit about rattlesnakes.  A good time was had by all.  (Except for maybe the snake.)

TJ and Eric presenting them with the award.

Eric and Garrett putting their grilling skills to good use.
BBQ Truck
Nick, Matt and Rick supervising the grillers.  

Paula and Mike setting up the catering table.  

Cole, Jonathan, Tricia and Kira trying to stay out of trouble.  

The first wave of fire fighters get fed.

TJ, Kym and Jim swooping in before the food is all gone.

Thanks guys for a job well done!

The lovely Tank and his bride the even more lovely Paula.

EZ and Gina.  Firefighters are an unusual backdrop for Eric, it is usually a different type of flashing lights in the background. . . 

Jim and Lora

And the cutest couple goes to Bob and Caralee!

Ron thrills the kids with a live demo on how to capture a rattlesnake.

Do NOT try this at home!

Jason could not get far away enough from the snake.  Even Tricia was braver than he was.

Captivated crew during the rattlesnake demonstration.