Mini Rocker of the  Month
March, 2012

Rider Name: Justin ChambersJustinC

Nickname(s): None

Current Bike: 2011 KTM 50SX

AMRA Class & Number: 4-6B, #2

Age/Grade: I'm 6 and in the 1st grade.

1st Bike: PW 50

Favorite Riding Memory: Riding at Payson's house.

What do you like about riding? Going fast. 

1st Race: Globe in Nov 2010, got 3rd place. 

Favorite Place to Ride: Payson's house.

Coolest Person (Famous) Met: Cole Jaquette

Who would you like to meet?  Ryan Dungey

Worst Crash: ACP on my bicycle. (See the road rash in the picture above.)

Favorite Subject in School:  Math. 

What do you want to be when you grow up:  Professional baseball player.

Family: Dad = Steve.  Mom = Marianne.  Brother = Michael.

Riding Aspiration:  Jump over a pond.

Non Motorcycle Related Hobby: Baseball.

Favorite Movie: Mars Needs Moms

Favorite Book: Jack and Annie

Favorite Music: Country

Favorite Food: Pizza. 

Cool or Interesting Fact About You: "why can't I just say racing?  Racing is cool.".


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