Mini Rocker of the  Month
October, 2012

Rider Name: Cole CherickColeC

Nickname(s): Cole

Current Bike: 2009 KX65

AMRA Class & Number: 65B #198

Age/Grade: I am 9 and in the 4th grade.

1st Bike: 2005 Honda Red Baron 50

Favorite Riding Memory: When I passed Todd Johnson and roosted him at the Heber Rock Star Campout this summer. There was an awesome track out there and we battled each other going around it.  I beat him of course! 

What do you like about riding? I like jumping and riding out into the desert from my house.  I also like the technical stuff. 

1st Race: 2011 Canyon Raceway AMRA. I was 8 years old and got second place.  

Favorite Place to Ride: Rio Verde, AZ. I love riding out into the desert from my house.

Coolest Person (Famous) Met: Taylor Robert!

Who would you like to meet? Ryan Villapoto.

Worst Crash: My worst crash so far was on the side of a dirt rode by my house.  My back wheel went into a rut and hit a bush.  The bike went airborn, spinning sideways and my seat ripped. I did a tuck and roll and came out okay, but shook up!


Favorite Subject in School:  Reading.

What do you want to be when you grow up:  I want to be a Supercross rider.

Family: Mom = Rena, Dad = Glenn, Brother = Wesley (6 yrs. old).

Riding Aspiration:  I hope to place 1st in as many AMRA races as possible this year!

Non Motorcycle Related Hobby: I like to play kickball, ride my razor, scooter and mountain bike.

Favorite Movie: Hunger Games

Favorite Book: Harry Potter books.

Favorite Music: Rap and New Age Rock.

Favorite Food: Pizza 

Cool or Interesting Fact About You: I love to cliff jump at Lake Powell and wakeboard at Bartlett Lake.  

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