Offroad Preservation Efforts/News

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Tral Work Day 1/8/11
A reminder that we have a work day scheduled this Saturday, January 8th starting at 9:00AM at Cottonwood Camp in the Rolls area. The details are on our website. Please sign up. This is THE big work day for TRAL for January. We are doing some fencing, signing and cleanup. There is plenty of work for everyone. I know you've been wanting to do some real "shovels in the dirt" kind of projects and this is a good chance. As always, we'll have the TRAL grills along so bring your favorite meats to cook for lunch. It looks like it's going to be the kind of beautiful day we all live here for so bring your vehicles along and we can go play when we are done. There are several groups invited to the event in addition to TRAL so wear your TRAL T-shirt if possible. We'd like to have a showing from TRAL to be proud of.

AZOHC Donations
Donated to AZOHC the last three years, total cash was likely around 2K for lobbying efforts to keep trails open in AZ. Add a link to AZOHC and maybe drop in their logo.

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