Product Review

Hammer Nutrition
By Ben Hutchinson

As desert racers we all know how important it is to have proper hydration and nutrition. Now if you have ever tried to research hydration and nutrition for a 2, 3 or even 4 hour race, the information is hard to find and lacking for desert racing. Most people will tell you, you need to hydrate by drinking water, well water just doesn’t cut it. Any time you put your body through a workout longer than 45 minutes you need to replenish your electrolytes, and a grocery store sports drink is not your best choice. A couple years ago I was given a sample package of Hammer Nutrition Endurolytes. I read the directions for the suggested use, I was amazed how well this product worked, and how I felt after a race.  I don’t feel cramps or depleted of energy after long rides or races like I used to. I have come to a point where I take them on a casual trail ride so I feel good the entire ride. 

You have probably seen the Endurolyte pills around or currently use them. Endurolytes are also called the magic pills around the club. If you are in doubt ask someone that has a bottle for a couple and see what you think. If you get cramps or dehydrate easily, this is a product for you. The pill is only something you can take before or after most races, but Hammer now offers the Endurolyte in a powder form. It is important to follow the suggested use to start, and do some trial and error on non-race weekends to see what your body likes. I have taken notes throughout the year with race conditions, weather, and my dosage so I know for future reference. Everyone’s body is different for a dosage but once you figure it out the results are awesome. The cost for a 120 count bottle is $20, you can’t go wrong for that price.

You can purchase Hammer products at most bicycle shops or order direct from Hammer online. If you order online, don’t forget to refer a friend that currently uses Hammer. It will help you out and help them out. Also check out their other products to advance your nutritional needs.
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