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Mylers Radiator
By Mike Milewski

A lot of us have bent, broken, impaled, smashed, destroyed a radiator (or two) on today’s water-cooled bikes.

I had an distinct opportunity (wasn’t pleasurable, by any means) to severely bend my KTM 300 left side radiator at the start of the AMRA Congress race, at least it didn’t leak or fail during the race.

Even with the KTM Hardparts tubular guards, my OEM radiator was totally trashed (see Pic 00). I ordered a new OEM unit that next Monday, only to find they are back-ordered until Dec 2012. Then I went to Myler’s ( and ordered their  ‘in-house’ replacement radiator so as to not wait months for a factory unit (and at an approx.. $ 75 savings compared to OEM).

Took delivery, removed my bent guard and bent radiator. I was impressed at the thickness of the new Mylers unit, the side brackets were beefy, there was (2) more rows of fins (compared to the OEM 9 row). The upper and lower tanks were larger too. Nice set-up.

1st issue, the KTM Hardparts guards would not fit with the Myler’s radiator. I then read the fine print on the web-site and they offered no guarantee that any guards would fit. I decided to forgo the guard, given the thickness and apparent strength of the new unit.

2nd Issue. When installing the top hose connection, when full seated, there was a gap at the upper bushing mount. Not cool. At least 3/8” of an inch. (see Pic 01) It also had a larger distance between the mounting bushings (ie - vertical alignment). Close, but not quite exact.. Arrgh !, and I was prepping for the AMRA Canyon race in 2 days..Had to put my bent OEM radiator and bent guards all back on, refill the cooling system, etc. just to go racing…..


After the Canyon race, pulled the bent OEM radiator back off a second time, boxed it up with the Myler’s (ill-fitting) unit and shipped both to Myler’s, requesting that they repair my bent OEM unit, and refund the difference against my new purchase price.

I just got the repaired OEM radiator back. (see Pic # 02) – it is way, way better than it was, not 100 % perfect, but it mounted up ok and is now filled with new fluid and ready for testing. Myler’s gave a fair credit and did not argue or give me any issue when I told them their “replacement” unit didn’t fit. So at the end of the day, the Myler’s aftermarket radiator didn’t fit, but they made good with repairing my OEM unit and provided a fair refund and quick turnaround. Hope this helps others when (and if) needing to repair or replace a KTM radiator.


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