Product Review

By Eric Ellison

After spending hours searching the web about suspension work for my 2008 WR250F, I posted on the Rockstars forum for some advice. They pointed me to Justin at NOST.

After talking to Justin for a little bit and asking him about the “base valve mod” that is highly recommended for my WR by the internet, I decided to drop off my forks and rear shock with him. He seemed very familiar with the base valve situation and claimed he knew what was needed to setup my suspension the way I wanted.

When I got the suspension back from Justin, he took the time to show me exactly what he does to the base valve, so it was no longer a mystery. Justin also took the time to show me the correct way to change my fork seals, which really surprised me since that meant I won’t be bringing it to him to have my seals changed. He definitely spent the extra time to make sure I was completely comfortable. He did not just hand me my forks and shock then say have a nice day.

My first race on the new suspension was AMRA’s round 7, the TRS Copper Classic. The bike was night and day different and I could not be happier with the suspensions setup.

It’s been my experience that you rarely find a company that knows what they are doing, have that personal touch and are fairly priced. I believe NOST has all three. Not only was suspension perfect, NOST was considerably less than the other suspension tuners I was looking at and he took the time to go over everything he did.

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