Product Review

Rekluse Core EXP
By David Gronlund

In 2007 I was reluctantly convinced to install a Rekluse Z Start Pro autoclutch in my YZ450. Little did I know my life was never to be the same. WOW what a difference that clutch made. I raced the Idaho City ISDE 2 day qualifier soon after earning myself gold medals on both days. I repeated the feat on the same bike with the same clutch in the same race 4 years later! I am not saying I would pay all the credit to the Rekluse clutch but I know for sure it didn’t hurt! The clutch is exactly what I have always needed and didn’t know it. It’s the thing that was missing from my race setup the previous 10 years that I could never put my finger on.

My riding style is one a little less conventional for the class of riders I race against. I tend to ride lower in the RPM’s and in a gear higher lugging the engine more. I am a 4 stroke rider from day one even I took a break to race the big 500cc 2 stroke bikes for the few years of desert racing career. Now that I have permanently moved onto the modern 4 strokes racing Enduros and Hare Scrambles I am in need of a little help. The bikes are awesome but I tend to stall more than the next guy due to my lower RPM riding style. I don’t do it knowingly, and have worked hard to remedy it, but I tend to roll on and off the throttle without pulling in the clutch forcing the engine to lug down way too much in technical situations. The newer high strung higher RPM 4 strokes don’t necessarily like to be ridden that way. They prefer to be ridden more aggressive at a higher RPM with a finger or two on the clutch feathering it along those super rocky nasty technical enduro trails.  Enter the Rekluse auto clutch into the equation and I am back on cloud nine. It’s just what the doctor ordered.

With my previous experience with the Rekluse Z Start Pro in my YZ450 I thought there couldn’t be anything better UNTIL I got my hands on the newest generation autoclutch, the Core EXP, for my 2012 KX450. Not only does it have the same advantages of the Z Start Pro it also now works almost exactly as a stock clutch. If you were to ride a bike with the Core EXP you might not be able to tell you are on a bike with an autoclutch. The part I liked (second only to the engine not stalling when I ride it like grandpa would have) is there is much less of a tendency for the bike to totally “freewheel” or coast downhill without being under the engines power. Some of us old school 4 stroke riders tend to fall back on the technique of using a lower gear to get the revs up on the engine while going downhill utilizing the torque or compression of the engine as a brake. The Core EXP allows me to do that again as long as the RPMS stay high enough to keep the clutch engaged which hasn’t been an issue so far with me.

I am still in my first few rides with the Core EXP clutch but I have no issues so far. Time will be the deciding factor on reliability but so far so good. Also talking to other users of the same product has led me to believe that reliability should not be any concern at all. The clutch has been on the market for 3 years, I am not the beta tester by any means. The clutch has been race proven by many more talented riders than myself.

Installation was much easier and more straight forward than what I would have expected with a product this complex. The break in with new clutch fibers was a tad more than I have experienced but once the break in is complete you are good to go. Some suggest breaking in more than one set of fibers and keeping them ready to go when needed. There is a fine tune adjustment on the outside of the center hub, not requiring full disassembly only the clutch cover and brake pedal, that you need to dial in after the initial break in and have to stay on top of every few rides. It’s a simple 10 minute job and a small price to pay for the benefits you receive. If I am going to change out the brake fluid every time I race the bike it doesn’t seem all that inconvenient to make sure the clutch is dialed.

 I don’t even know how to classify this product since there isn’t anything that can even come close to comparing. Without any further reliability testing (that it really doesn’t need) I can only give the clutch a 9 out of 10 overall based on the fact that someday something may or may not break making me look like I jumped the gun for scoring it a 10.


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