Product Review

X Brand Goggles
By David Gronlund

Recently I found myself looking for another goggle to wear. My long time goggle sponsor has drastically cut down on amateur sponsorships and I was cut. I am sure it had nothing to do with my current race results, or lack of. One of the goggle brands I have been interested in and have finally got a chance to try out are the X Brand goggles. I was offered a sponsorship last season but passed since I did not have a chance to wear a pair and test them out. I have always stuck to the theory that I will only represent a company as a sponsor if I use their product primarily and like it. I will not accept a sponsorship unless I am a firm believer in their product or company. So I went out and bought a pair of X brand goggles along with a roll off system.

First impressions: The fit is very nice, they feel really good against the form of my face and fit inside my helmet comfortably. The roll off system seems to be sturdy and was equally easy to load a film roll into. The first chance I had to wear the goggles was on a night ride so I changed out the tinted lense that came stock in the goggle with a clear lense. I noticed the new lense was a little difficult to get into the frame and I ended up damaging the lense before I was done so I had to wear a pair of my old goggles. I am sure it was me being inpatient and trying to hurry since the riding group was waiting on me or if is that the lense is thinner and weaker.  In all my years of riding and racing I have never damaged a lense trying to install it though.

The first time I actually got to use the goggles went much better. I re-installed the tinted lense and again was impressed with the fit. I didn’t feel the need to adjust the frame inside the helmet as much as my past goggles. The roll off system seemed to work flawlessly and didn’t seem to bind at all on the sides of the helmet. Then again I wasn’t in a race situation panicking in the pits to get my goggles switched out and a drink of fluids before the last place guy finally passed me. So the jury is out on that. 

The day I tested the goggles was a fairly hot summer day and there was a monsoon storm on the horizon raising the humidity. With that being said it appeared my face was sweating more than usual. Upon further review after the ride it is apparent that the foam along the top of the goggle above the lense is not as big as some other goggles not allowing the same amount of air flow. They were not uncomfortable hot or steaming at all but I did find myself lifting the bottom of the goggle breaking the seal against my face from time to time to get a blast of cool air into my face.  Let’s just chalk that up to the weather.

All in all I would definitely recommend the X Brand goggle for fit alone. Of course everyone has a different shape head and helmet sizes so don’t take my word for it until you get a chance to wear a pair yourself.

Fit: 10 out of 10

Ease in maintenance: 8 out of 10

Breathability: 8 out of 10.

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