RockStar of the  Month
February, 2012

Rider Name: Todd Johnson

Forum Handle: TJ

Nickname(s): TJ

Current Bike: KX450

AMRA Class & Number: 40A, 51S

Favorite Bike You’ve Ever Owned: 2001 WR 450.  The 1st ride on this bike, I overalled a race and the bike was bone stock. 

Favorite Race Memory: Getting a 3rd Overall in the Baja 500, on a team with David Gronlund, Dayton Raper and Eric Brown. 

1st Race: California Race Club (CRClub) – Family Enduro in 1976.  I was 7 years old and finished 3rd.

Favorite Place to Ride: North Scottsdale (Pima & Dynamite)

Coolest Person (Famous) Met: tie between Roger Clyne, Mario Andretti and Mitch Payton

Who would you like to meet? Angelina Jolie

Worst Crash: 1986 in Mexico.  I was riding as fast as my bike would go.  I was on a KTM 500 going approximately 100 MPH.  It felt like I cart wheeled for 10 minutes.  I broke my wrist and lost a lot of skin.  I finished the race in severe shock.  I crashed on mile 10 of 80.  A lot of my gear ripped off including my chest protector.  It was the last race of the season and I was 5 points behind the leader.  I finished 98th of 300 racers that day.  Unfortunately the other guy finished 3rd overall and that put me 2nd in the championship.

Profession: Operations manager.  Basically manage operations for hazardous materials transport and remediation company.  (Emergency Response)

Family: Wife, Dawn.  Son, Payson (6 years old).

Home Town: Orange, CA

Current Town: Scottsdale, AZ

Riding Aspiration: I want to win an AMRA championship in the 40, 50 and 60 A Classes. 

Non Motorcycle Related Hobby: Is drinking a hobby?  Seriously, I love music and play the guitar.

Dumbest Thing Ever Purchased (Bike Related): A pair of $100 boots on sale for $80.  You get what you pay for.  I didn’t crash, just hit a rock and shattered my foot.  If you count the helicopter ride, hospital stay and surgeries, the cheap boots really don’t look like such a good deal.

Favorite Movie: Big Wednesday (Surf movie)

Favorite Book I don't have time to read anything except Cycle News and Racer X!

Favorite Music: Fall back to the old standards and go with 80’s metal.  Yes, I did have the hair in the 80’s, but never wore a mesh shirt. 

Favorite Food: For me, nothing beats an old fashion hamburger.

Farthest you’ve ever traveled: TahitiTJ_Ride

How did you meet your significant other: I asked her to dance in a bar.

Most Embarrassing dirt bike moment: I was leading the main in an Endurcross.  I had been leading the entire race.  I got stuffed in a corner on the last lap, tipped over and my leg basically planted in the dirt.  Last lap, race over! 

How did you get involved with the RockStars? Me and my homies didn’t like the current offroad racing scene in Arizona.  We had the idea to start a club racing series similar to what they have in California and a few other states.  I agreed to be the President and DG agreed to be VP.  We put the word out and scheduled the 1st meeting at Gronlund’s house.  We had about 12 guys show up.  The next meeting about 20 people showed.  A year later we had over a hundred members. 

Cool or Interesting Fact About You: Most people don’t know that I used to have a Honda support ride for local MX and offroad racing.  I also used to play in an Alternative Rock band.

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