RockStar of the  Month
June, 2012

Rider Name: Jeff VrielingZook_Pose

Forum Handle: Zook

Nickname(s): Zook

Current Bike: '06 KTM XC-W

AMRA Class & Number: 50A 4M

Favorite Bike You’ve Ever Owned: on it. 

Favorite Race Memory: Getting pasted by Destry Abbott and Robby Bell on the ridge line as they battled for the lead at the Laughlin Team Race. Destry was 30 feet up the hill in the desert and Robby was 30 feet below me when they went by. I thought I "had it pinned" at the time.... I now know that I don't understand that statement.

1st Race: '06 Holy Joe.

Favorite Place to Ride: Sycamore Springs

Coolest Person (Famous) Met: Rick Johnson

Who would you like to meet? The real Todd Johnson

Worst Crash: Sycamore '05- broken collar bone, scapula, [4] ribs, [2] fingers, punctured-collapsed lung, [3] days in ICU. 

Profession: Owner: Vrieling Architectural, Inc. Gilbert

Family: Kim (spouse of 34 yrs), Daughter = Bethanie (24), Son = Bryce (21).

Home Town: Placentia, CA

Zook_RideCurrent Town: Mesa, AZ

Riding Aspiration: Under evaluation right now. 

Non Motorcycle Related Hobby: Professional Drummer 

Dumbest Thing Ever Purchased (Bike Related):  Cheap chain.  It lasted 8 miles.

Favorite Movie: Bourne series.

Favorite Book: Flight of the Phoenix.

Favorite Music: Rock (Pink Floyd, Rush, Dream Theatre).

Favorite Food: BBQ

Farthest you’ve ever traveled: Maui

How did you meet your significant other: High School (Mingus Union) Prom.

Most Embarrassing dirt bike moment: Riding in San Manuel, I did a slow speed "flying V" that shot me 3-4 feet straight up into the air.  I landed face first on the seat before me and the bike went down.  No one behind me had ever seen anything like that before. . . 

How did you get involved with the RockStars: Met Rex Hostain on a Friday ride by chance and he invited me to check it out. 

Cool or Interesting Fact About You: I was a DJ on KUPD in the 80's (J Johnsen)

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