RockStar of the  Month
July, 2012

Rider Name: Logan OhrtLogan

Forum Handle: Use my dad's

Nickname(s): Shortorhrt

Current Bike: RMZ 450 until the 2013 KTM comes in. 

AMRA Class & Number: For 2012 I raced 250B. Next Year Open A.

Favorite Bike You’ve Ever Owned: 2007 Suzuki RMZ 250F.

Favorite Race Memory: Racing the Rockstars 1st Globe race on my 65.

1st Race: Canyon Motocross

Favorite Place to Ride: Canyon, Mile Markers, Flagstaff

Coolest Person (Famous) Met: Travis Pastrana

Who would you like to meet? Kurt Caselli

Worst Crash: Globe 2012.  Major concussion.  I don't remember riding the first lap or that whole day still. 

Profession: Student

Family: Jason (dad), Janet (mom)

Home Town: San Diego, CA

Logan_rideCurrent Town: Cave Creek, AZ

Riding Aspiration: I would like to follow some of the other Arizona desert guys like Taylor Robert, Max Gerston and, of course Destry Abbot.  I would like to ride Endurocross, Last Man Standing, and make the ISDE some day.

Non Motorcycle Related Hobby: Riding bikes, Karate 

Dumbest Thing Ever Purchased (Bike Related): Non wrap around hand guards. They lasted 5 minutes.  1 fall, broke.

Favorite Movie: Moto 3

Favorite Book: The Hunger Games series.

Favorite Music: Lupe Fiasco, Wiz Khalifa

Favorite Food: Fruit, pizza, a good omelet

Farthest you’ve ever traveled: North Carolina for family, Angel Fire, New Mexico for a race.

How did you meet your significant other: Nope.

Most Embarrassing dirt bike moment: At the ACP race af ew years ago I had just passed my buddy, and didn't pit for gas.  Yup, didn't make it. 

How did you get involved with the RockStars: I met Matt & Jason Olden at ET Motopark.  Jason got my dad racing with the AMRA and we then joined the Rockstars.

Cool or Interesting Fact About You: I am 14 and am a brown belt in Wado Ryu Karate.  I will be testing this year for my black belt.  I am also an honor role student.

I want to thank my sponsors this year- MSR, Akers Eye Care ( go see Dr Frank if your wearing daily wear contacts),Santa Fe Saavy Furniture, Jason at AZMOTO for keeping the bike sweet this year, Decal Works, X Brand Goggles, Gaerne, Protaper.

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