RockStar of the  Month
October, 2012

Rider Name: David Gronlund


Forum Handle: Big Guys Rule

Nickname(s): El Gato, G

Current Bike: 2012 KX450

AMRA Class & Number: 30+ Expert #107V (formerly AA#17). 

Favorite Bike You’ve Ever Owned: 2012 KX450

Favorite Race Memory: It's a tie between winning the 250 Pro class in the Baja 500 in 2002 and winning the 30 Pro Championship in 2003 with TJ.

1st Race: Offroad: Mammoth GP 1996, MX: Canyon Motocross 1995. 

Favorite Place to Ride: Sycamore Creek

Coolest Person (Famous) Met: Todd "The Rocket" Johnson

Who would you like to meet? The real Todd Johnson.

Worst Crash: Mexico Pre-Run 2004ish.  Fifth gear swap out in the whoops.  The worst crash I've had and walked away from. 

Profession: Manufacturing Engineer at Allied Tool and Die.

Family: Wife "LG", twin boys Shaun and Joseph (5 months) 

Home Town: Oracle, AZ

Current Town: Gilbert, AZ 

Riding Aspiration: Just to be free to ride. 


Non Motorcycle Related Hobby: Archery.

Dumbest Thing Ever Purchased (Bike Related): Suzuki DR350

Favorite Movie: A River Runs Through It.

Favorite Book: Yeager, An Autobiography by Chuck Yeager  

Favorite Music: Both kinds, Country & Western

Favorite Food: Italian followed closely by Mexican food.

Farthest you’ve ever traveled: Costa Rica

How did you meet your significant other: Mutual Friend. 

Most Embarrassing dirt bike moment: Loading my roll off system on my goggles upside down. I had to pull the string towards the sky to get them to work.

How did you get involved with the RockStars: I helped to start the club with 20-30 of my closest friends in support of the newly formed AMRA series.

Cool or Interesting Fact About You: I was the 5a Conference Champion Pole Vaulter my senior year in high school.  I also earned "Jumper of the Year". I still have the 4" by 4" plaque to prove it.  


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